CCC Staff

The American Foundation of Counseling Services and Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley partner to provide congregation consultation, educational services, and clergy renewal and support throughout northeast Wisconsin and beyond.


Kavita Carlson

Kavita Carlson, LCSW
Organizational Development Coordinator, American Foundation of Counseling Services
(920) 437-8256 ext. 121

Kavita consults with clergy, congregations and other organizations. She is trained and experienced in leader assessment, executive coaching, change management, team assessment and development, and conflict resolution. She has served in leadership roles and has a strong understanding of how systems function. Kavita also provides outpatient counseling in Green Bay, primarily for adults. She especially enjoys working with couples, multi-generational families, or people looking to develop healthy relationships. She is fluent in Spanish.

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson, LCSW
American Foundation of Counseling Services
(920) 437-8256 ext. 117

Bob has been the Executive Director of American Foundation of Counseling Services since 1996. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in the Behavioral Health and Consultation field for over 30 years. Bob is experienced in Strategic Planning processes and has facilitated leadership and staff retreats for a variety of organizations. He is a skilled public speaker and Certified Clergy Coach with significant training and experience in clergy, congregation and denominational consultation. Bob has served on numerous boards in the Northeast Wisconsin community as well.

Bill Mathias

Bill Mathias MSSW, MTS
American Foundation of Counseling Services
(920) 437-8256 ext. 111

Bill brings a unique combination of counseling and theological studies to the CCC activities of AFCS. As a clergy coach, congregational consultant and public speaker, Bill teams up with clergy and congregations to identify and pursue strategic plans, facilitate change, develop ordained and lay leaders and deepen one’s spiritual identity. Being especially interested in male development, Bill is active in men’s ministry through youth mentoring, prison presentations and the counseling of various men for a variety of reasons.

AFCS' CCC program collaborates with Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley, our sister Samaritan Center, to provide some services. Their CCC staff include:

The Rev. Paola Benecchi

The Rev. Paola Benecchi
Samaritan Counseling Center
(920) 886-9319

Paola is a spiritual director whose passion for spiritual direction stems from the growth she has experienced under the guidance of her own spiritual directors and the transformation she sees in those she mentors spiritually. She has served as a Methodist pastor and spiritual director for more than 20 years. She currently leads the Family Church, a new start United Methodist faith community in Neenah-Menasha.

Rev. Amy Bertschausen

Rev. Amy Bertschausen, BCC
Samaritan Counseling Center
(920) 886-9319 ext. 110

Amy is a board-certified chaplain. She provides outreach and education to churches as an educator, preacher and workshop leader. Amy serves as a spiritual director and QPR Gatekeeper suicide prevention trainer and is executive director of Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley.

Jim Schmitz

The Rev. Jim Schmitz
Samaritan Counseling Center
(920) 886-9319

Jim is a spiritual director with Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley. Through his own spiritual direction, he has explored various forms of prayer and spiritual disciplines to develop a deeper connection with God. During 30 years of pastoral ministry, his primary interests have been faith and leadership development, pastoral counseling, and Christian education. Jim recently completed a two-year Academy of Spiritual Formation.